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What is Garment Steamer?

Garment Steamer, also referred to as a clothes steamer, is an appliance that can quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles from garments and fabrics with the use of high-temperature bursts of steam.

How it works

Before applying the garment steamer on any fabric, allow the steamer to heat to its ideal temperature as per the instruction manual. The appliance comes with a water tank, meant to hold a sufficientamount of water to produce the necessary steam. A heating element is present under the water tank which is used to boil the water which in turn produces the steam.

With the help of the flexible hose, you can apply the steam on a garment in a sweeping motion. Before applyingthe steam make sure that clothes are hung on a metal rod or on a regular clothes hanger.While trying to de-wrinkle the garments, use the trigger to release steam, and continue to do so until all the creases removed.

The time duration required to eliminate the creases could depend on various factors, including the type of material and how wrinkled it is. The denser the fabric, the longer it takes to smooth out. Light, spongy materials likecotton and linen can be steamedwithin a few minutes, while polyester and other dense fabrics needlonger.However, the use of a garment steamer, takes significantly less time when compared to regular irons.

Another reason why people have turned to garment steamers as opposed to regular irons is when dealing with new clothes of fabrics. Removing labels or stickers from clothing, if done incorrectly, can leave a sticky substance and stain on the fabric that can be rather difficult to get rid off. With a garment steamer however, the steam bursts produced by the appliance help dissolve the adhesives in the labels or stickers making them easy to remove without any sticky residue left behind.

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