Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim

    Warranty Policy

    • We do hope you enjoy and get the most out of the items you purchase from Saachi Store. However, from time to time products can become defective and, although this can be frustrating, be sure that we are here to help. As a note, all our electrical products come with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • If a product becomes defective after 14 days and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it is often helpful to first visit the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly, as they may be able to offer support and find a solution to the issue you have with the product.
    • For faults under warranty, we will follow the procedure as laid down by the manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Warranty claim, for an order placed on this website, can be made from the order section of your Saachi Store dashboard.
    • Warranty claim can take 3 to 5 business days once the product has been received in our service center.
    • If a defective product cannot be fixed by our team, replacement (If available) will be sent to the customer. If a replacement unit is not available, a member of our team will contact the customer to discuss other options.
    • With regards to the pickup and drop off of the warranty claim, the customer can choose from on of two options provided in the Warranty Claim form in the order section of the Saachi Store dashboard:
      • The customer can arrange for the product to be dropped off and picked up to/from our service center located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
      • For the charge of AED 30 Saachi Store will arrange for the pickup and drop off of the warranty claim from the address provided by the customer.
    • If you have any problems trying to return a faulty product to us, please do contact us at ecommerce@saachi.ae and we will be happy to help.