Kerosene Heater

Kerosene Heater / Cooker NL-GH-1290-WH

AED 175.00

– Dual function, Kerosene heater with cooker
– 6 Liters tank capacity
– Adjustable thermostat
– Glass fiber wick with long life
– Ignition type: Match
– Fuel tank type: Integral
– Chimney type: Glass
– Quick heating and cooking
– With carry handle

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Not a fan of winter? No problem! The Saachi Kerosene Heater/Cooker NL-GH-1290 with adjustable thermostat will give you the warmth you’ve been looking for. It comes with a dual function of kerosene heater with cooker. It provides quick heating and cooking.

Heat output upto: 10000 BTU/hr
Maximum fuel consumption: 0.25 L/hr
Continuous combustion duration: 23 hours
Heating area upto: 18m2
Weight: 5.3 kg
Dimensions: 33 x 36 x 43 cm