Coffee Grinder NL-CG-4966-BK


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  • Coffee Grinder NL-CG-4966-BK

    AED 235.00

    – 275 grams coffee beans holder capacity
    – 100 grams ground jar capacity
    – 40mm detachable stainless steel conical burr
    – 31 grind settings provide highly coarse, espresso (instant coffee) and Turkish fine
    – Coffee particle size <0.425mm
    – Can be used to make French press, Pour over, Drip coffee, Siphon, Espresso, and Cezve
    – Low grinding speed reduces static and heat buildup
    – Anti-splash coffee powder system makes it easy to clean
    – Digital control panel
    – Built in timer with quantity measure system
    – Power saving mode
    – Overheat protection
    – Accessories include cleaning brush

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